Vinyasa Flows

Vinyasa Flows

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Vinyasa Flows
  • 10 Min Vinyasa Flow

    This 10 minute vinyasa flow is perfect for people who either sit down all day or stand all day by opening up the hips, creating stability throughout the lower body, and mobility in the upper body. Because it’s a fast flow, modify the poses as necessary, listen to your body, go slower or take brea...

  • 20 Min Yoga To Reduce Stress

    This energizing vinyasa flow opens up the chest and upper body, strengthens your core, opens up your hips and creates stability throughout the lower body as a form of letting go of any tension in the body accumulated throughout the day.

  • 1 Min Graceful Flow

    This short one-minute flow is what I do when I need to get out of my own head and find comfort and solace. The music comforts me, the flow relaxes me. There aren’t any instructions in this video and i’m not speaking since I originally didn’t create this video with the intent of putting it on here...